ht-6360 rolls material

ht-6360 rolls material

It is often known that a lot of the silicone foams, and silicone sponges that NEDC converts into gaskets are flame retardant. Recently, we did a blog on flame retardant silicone foam/sponge materials. Most gasketing materials are decently fire retardant- however the certifying to it is another discussion. However, it is not uncommon for people to begin to look for solid silicone rubber that is also flame retardant and certified to UL 94 V0.

Use of Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber Gaskets/Properties

 Out of all the silicone rubber gasketing that NEDC converts HT-6360 is one of the most unique. The interesting thing about HT-6360 is that it has all the properties of typical gasketing materials while also having the extremely unique flame retardancy that is certified to a standard. When it comes to solid rubber gasketing- there are not many materials available at all that meet UL 94 V0(File E83967)- nevermind silicone rubber materials. It is 63 durometer, coming in around a typical nominal range for gasketing. As expected, these type silicone rubber materials come with a wide temperature range (-80°F to 425°F).  End users are often looking for a UL certified material to fill their needs. In addition, it meets the requirements of FAR 25.856. HT-6360 emits low levels of toxic gas when subject to fire. This is important for applications where gasses from burning could be a concern.  As an example for firesafe silicone, this material makes it ideal for commercial airline applications where this could be a concern to passengers. 

Applications for Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber

-Heat Shields/Fire Barriers(passenger applications such as cars/railcars

-Gasket(for flame safe applications such as aerospace)

-Applications that require a UL certification

More Information

It comes in thicknesses ranging from .020’’ to .125’’. In addition, HT-6360 comes in a cool black color. In addition, its available with PSA backing. NEDC commonly waterjet-cuts, or die-cuts this material in custom gasket shapes.  For more information on flame retardant gasketing materials, please contact  

Datasheet Download for HT-6360

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