3m 9372W, flame retardant transfer tape

3m 9372W, flame retardant transfer tape

At NEDC, we stock a lot of materials that are flame retardant. In fact, we have a page that just mentions all the flame retardant materials we have. These include gasketing, thermal pads, absorbers, and other types of materials. One thing we have not mentioned on this website yet is flame retardant transfer tapes. 

Since NEDC is an authorized 3M converter, we have access to just that.

How is 3M 300FR tapes constructed? 

The 300FR series is an acrylic based formulation These tapes mentioned below are made up of adhesive 300FR. Below are the constructions of the adhesive transfer tapes. Each tape comes with a liner, and the adhesive coated onto it. Afterwards, the adhesive is self-wound onto itself. 

3M 9375W – 83 # polycoated kraft paper (PCK) -0.005 thick adhesive

3M 9372W – 83 # polycoated kraft paper (PCK) -0.002 thick adhesive

3M 9372DKW – # 55 lb white densified kraft liner -0.002 thick adhesive

Properties of 3M 300FR Tapes

Well first thing is first, these tapes have been imparted with flame retardancy through their formulation. In addition to that these tapes offer other great properties. These tapes offer great adhesion to high surface energy surfaces such as steel, or aluminum. For example, 9375W reaches a high of 126 oz/in after a 72 hr dwell on stainless steel. Similar to other adhesive transfer tapes that are acrylic based, it has great solvent resistance, along with great U.V Resistance.

Specifications met by Flame Retardant Adhesive Transfer Tape/300FR Tapes

-UL 94 V2/V0(linked to other UL compliant materials)

-FAR(Federal Aviation Regulation) 25.853

-FMVSS 302


NEDC can laminate gasketing materials to have these tapes on it. This could be any one of our gasketing offerings. These may include silicone foams, or solid rubber gasketing materials. After lamination of materials, NEDC provides die-cutting, and waterjet-cutting services for customers. 

More Information

The color of this adhesive is an off-white (opaque color). For more information on adhesive transfer tapes that are flame retardant, or you believe you have an application that could utilize it , please contact sales@nedc.com.  


Datasheet for 3M Flame Retardant Transfer Tape 300FR

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