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epichlorohydrin gaskets

epichlorohydrin gaskets

Fuel Resistance is one of the chief concerns that customers have when they are designing a gasket. As with many gasketing materials there is a solid rubber form as well as a sponge/cellular form of this gasketing material. Epichlorohydrin Rubber is often used in weatherproofing & automotive applications. 

What is Epichlorohydrin Rubber? Why is it used for Custom Gaskets? 

Epichlorohydrin(ECO) is a synthetic rubber compound manufactured by Zeon Chemicals, branded as Hydrin®. It is fairly similar to nitrile rubber, however it has better heat, oil, and gasoline resistance. Epichlorohydrin is used mainly for its high temperature resistance, and great solvent resistance. It features resistance to solvents such as alcohols, acids, alkalis and fuels. It also has great resistance to ozone. 

Closed Cell Sponge/Foam Epichlorohydrin (ECH)

NEDC manufactures gaskets made out of closed cell epichlorohydrin sponge as well. These sponge materials feature a pretty good compression set, usually coming in below 25% compression set. Similar to other closed cell counterparts, the water absorption of this material is very low at roughly 5%. These materials come in soft, medium, and firm densities for applications requiring different compression values. Below are some common Epichlorohydrin Sponge materials available for purchase. 

Manufacturer Product Name Specification(s) Density per ASTM D1056
Armacell 4053 ECH ASTM D1056 2B3 A1B2C1F1M, ASTM D6576 Type II A,B, Grade Medium Medium (2B3)
Monmouth Rubber Durafoam™ C41ECH ASTM D1056 2B1B2F1M Soft (2B1)
Monmouth Rubber Durafoam™ C42ECH ASTM D1056 2B2B2F1M Soft-Medium (2B2)

Solid Epichlorohydrin Rubber(ASTM D2000 CH)

These materials are calendared to thickness. The solid rubber form is available in durometers ranging from 40-90 Shore A. ASTM D2000 is the specification of choice when specifying epichlorohydrin gasketing. Typically, we manufacture gaskets out of sheet good form.

Applications that Epichlorohydrin Rubber Gaskets are Used for:


-Pumps, and valves

-Paper, and printing rolls

More Information on Epichlorohydrin Rubber Gaskets

Most epichlorohydrin materials come in the natural black color of the rubber. NEDC die-cuts, or waterjet-cuts these materials into custom shapes/sizes. Naturally, we supply any epichlorohydrin materials with adhesive backings as well such as 3M products as 467MP, and 3M 9472. For more information regarding epichlorohydrin gaskets, please contact sales@nedc.com

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