Rectangle “D” Profile

MIL Spec Rectangle "D" Profile

Our Military Grade Conductive Elastomers are made to the stringent MIL-DTL-83528 standards and NEDC Sealing Solutions has been approved to manufacture Types A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L and M materials by the Defense Supply Center in Columbus. This allows us to extrude, mold or die-cut in excess of 1,000 different EMI shielding parts that meet the Mil-DTL-83528 requirements. NEDC Sealing Solutions specializes in conductive O-rings, extruded profiles, die-cut gaskets and molded conductive gaskets and sheets. NEDC Sealing Solutions also offers new or existing program design reviews that utilize our special manufacturing capabilities to reduce the cost of your conductive gasketing as well as EMI/RFI shielding needs. Our Quick Turn Prototype capability allows you to test actual parts in as little as 24-48 hours. Our small quantity production methods reduce the cost of ramping-up a program or of producing small quantity production runs.

7729-0101-XXXM83528/006X001.285 (7.24).295 (7.49).983 (24.97).993 (25.22)
7729-0102-XXXM83528/006X002.485 (12.32).495 (12.57).983 (24.97).993 (25.22)
7729-0103-XXXM83528/006X003.619 (20.70).629 (15.98)1.243 (75.82)1.253 (31.83)
7729-0104-XXXM83528/006X004.815 (20.70).845 (21.46)2.985 (75.82)3.015 (76.58)
7729-0105-XXXM83528/006X0051.325 (33.66)1.355 (34.42)5.265 (133.73)5.295 (134.49)