Glass Transition Temperature

Rubber has an optimal temperature range for operating in. The glass transition temperature of the elastomer varies from rubber to rubber. The glass transition temperature indicates the temperature where the rubber changes from a soft elastic material into a glassy, leathery like material and can become brittle. The temperature is denoted by Tg. It is possible for the polymer to be so brittle that when faced with stress the rubber may just shatter.

The rubber can return from this state after being reheated. The standard that is typically used to test for the glass transition temperature is ASTM D2137.The following table provides typical glass transition temperatures of popular rubbers. There is also a table of the glass transition temperatures of NEDC Sealing Solutions’ conductive elastomers certified to the MIL-DTL-83528F. The test method for measuring low temperature against the MIL-DTL-83528F is ASTM D1329.

The table below lists out the temperature range for NEDC Sealing Solutions’ conductive elastomers. The glass transition temperature is not an exact number to begin with so an operating temperature of NEDC Sealing Solutions’ M83528 elastomers has been provided.

CompoundElastomerFiller TypeLow TempHigh TempMIL-DTL-83528F Type
CE-001SiliconeSilver plated copper-55C125CA
CE-002SiliconeSilver plated copper-55C160CB
CE-003SiliconeSilver plated glass-55C160CM
CE-005-60Silicone (60 denoting durometer)Nickel-55C160C-
CE-006FluorosiliconeSilver plated aluminum-55C160CD
CE-006-55Fluorosilicone (55 denoting durometer)Silver plated aluminum-55C160C-
CE-007SiliconeNickel copper-55C160C-
CE-007-30Silicone (30 denoting durometer)Nickel copper-55C160C-
CE-007-50Silicone (50 denoting durometer)Nickel copper-55C160C-
CE-008SiliconeSilver Nickel-55C125C-
CE-010EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)Nickel Copper-40C125C-
CE-011EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)Silver Aluminum-40C160C-
CE-012SiliconeSilver Copper-45C125CK
CE-013-45Silicone (45 denoting durometer)Silver-55C160C-
CE-014EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)Silver Nickel-40C125C-
CE-014-50EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) (50 denoting durometer)Silver Nickel-40C125C-
CE-015SiliconeSilver Aluminum-40C160C-
CE-016FluorosiliconePassivated Silver plated aluminum-55C160C-
CE-017FluorosiliconeSilver Copper-55C125CC
CE-018FluorosiliconeNickel Copper-55C160C-
CE-018-55Fluorosilicone (55 denoting durometer)Nickel Copper-55C160C-
CE-019FluorosiliconeSilver Nickel-50C160C-
CE-021FluorosiliconeSilver plated Glass-50C160C-
CE-022SiliconeSilver plated Nickel-45C 125CL