EMI / MIL-DTL-83528F Gaskets


Array of Electrically Conductive Seals

NEDC Sealing Solutions offers a full range of Military (MIL-DTL-83528) and Commercial Grade Waveguide, Rectangular “D” and “O” gaskets as well as Mil-Connector Gaskets. These can either be molded, vulcanized, bonded, die cut or water jet cut into the desired shape or size. We offer Silicone, Fluorosilicone and EPDM based materials with Silver/Aluminum (AG/AL), Silver/Copper (AG/CU), Silver/Glass AG/G), Silver/Nickel (AG/NI), Silver/ Passivated Aluminum (AG/PAL), Nickel Coated Graphite (Ni/C) and Carbon (C) fillers.