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viton sponge pads

At NEDC we cut many different types of gasketing materials. Some of our most popular selections are fuel resistant materials. Materials such as fluorosilicone, epichlorohydrin, nitrile, and Viton® we hear about a lot. When an easily compressible option is required with fuel resistance, Viton® Sponge usually is selected. 

Properties of Viton® (Fluoroelastomer) Sponge

This Medium Density Viton® A Sponge is manufactured by a company called Mosites Rubber located in Fort Worth, Texas. Mosites #1028 is good for thermal insulation, is resilient, and light-weight. It’s used primarily where significant pressure is not available for other conventional sealing solutions. Its temperature range is -10°F to 400°F. Similar to other fluoroelastomer materials, low temperature is not this material’s strength. This closed cell sponge exhibits low amounts of water intrusion due to its closed cell nature. Similar to Viton Solid Rubber, it is generally resistant to aliphatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons, oil, fuels, ozone, and weathering. The sponge rubber material is made from Genuine Viton® from DuPont Chemours Company. It comes with a smooth finish from the skin on both sides. 

Chart of Compression Deflection/Thickness Tolerance Below: 

Thickness Thickness Tolerance Compression Deflection @ 25% deflection, immediate
.125’’ (⅛’’) +.050’’/-.030’’ 6.5 psi
.250’’ (¼’’) +/- .060’’ 5.5 psi
.375’’ (⅜’’) +/- .080’’ 4.0 psi
.500’’ (½’’) +/- .125’’ 3.5 psi

NEDC uses die-cutting, and waterjet cutting machines to manufacture custom gaskets of Viton® Sponge. In addition, this sponge material is available with a number of high-strength acrylic tape backings such as 3M 9485PC, 3M 9472, and others. Viton® Sponge is available in a number of thicknesses. .125’’, .250’’, .375’’ and .500’’. For more information on Viton Sponge or Mosites #1028 Viton Sponge, please contact

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