Laser Cutting


Laser cutting machine

At NEDC we commonly use laser-cutting machines to cut different materials. Laser cutting machines are just one component of the many machines that NEDC uses to convert materials into custom shapes. These materials include plastic shim stock, certain elastomeric products, frozen epoxy preforms, tapes, and kraft papers. We do this, because oftentimes a laser cutter can be more exact in what its producing. In addition, while die cutting has its place, tooling can be a concern with die cutting machines.  There are a few unique benefits to using a laser cutting machine:

-No tooling cost

-Simple DXF allows for easy cutting

-Highly precise tolerancing

-High material utilization

-Lots of room for adjustments because of no tooling

laser cutting

Laser machine cutting liner paper

NEDC owns a operates several laser cutting machines. These lasers operate with very precise accuracy, carrying the ability to hold some parts within a +/- .002” tolerance. It is good to keep in mind that laser machines are limited to a certain thickness of all materials, depending on the material, but a CO2 laser may cut very thick materials. The ability to cut thick materials on a CO2 laser is also a function of the amount of the power the laser is able to produce.

Note that while CO2 lasers can be extremely versatile machines, they are unable to cut some highly reflective materials such as copper. For more information on laser cutting or you believe you have a part  could be potentially laser cut, please contact