sil-pad k4,k6,k10 die-cut

Die Cutting

Custom Die Cutting is NEDCs core competency. We offer custom die cutting through steel-rule dies. This enables us to offer essentially unlimited customization.

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LCD Gaskets

Laser Cutting

We commonly use laser-cutting machines to cut high-performance tapes, frozen epoxy films, kraft papers, and other products. Laser cutting services are a huge part of NEDCs core capabilities.

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butyl custom gaskets

Waterjet Cutting

One of the most sophisticated machines NEDC owns is our Waterjet Cutters. Waterjet Cutting happens through a very unique process. The process starts with a high-powered pump that creates a lot of pressure for the water.

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dry ice

Dry Ice

Looking for high-quality dry ice? Look no further! At NEDC, we specialize in providing top-grade dry ice for all your needs.

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