Electrically Conductive O-Rings

NEDC fabricates all types of different gaskets. One of common types of gaskets NEDC manufactures are the notorious “O-rings”. 

There are a few ways to fabricate gaskets. 

  1. The first is to die-cut/waterjet-cut/laser-cut them.
  2. Mold them with what can be an expensive tool.
  3. Fabricate them out of extruded rubber cord stock. 

Bonding vs. Molding Unique Shapes/O-Rings

When a requirement of material becomes three dimensional, cutting them with a normal process such as die-cutting may not work. The only other options left at that point is to bond them together, or mold them. Below we mention benefits of both bonding, and of molding. When bonded, this utilizes an extruding machine that extrudes silicone/fluorosilicone rubber to be cured to shape. At that point, NEDC will vulcanize the material. 

NEDC Bonded O-Ring

Silicone O-Ring


Benefits of Bonding:

  1. It’s much more economical to bond at low quantities. A mold of a big part can cost thousands of dollars.
  2. Extruding and bonding removes the concern of deflash. When deflashing a molded part, it can take time and ultimately add cost.
  3. The setup cost for complex profiles of O-rings comes down dramatically. 

Benefits of Molding:

  1. The material will be uniform throughout, so the part is one complete piece of material.
  2. Holding tolerances ultimately will be easier for the whole part when it’s molded.
  3. Large quantities start to become competitive with bonding, and eventually will be more competitive in most cases.
  4. Unique geometries that must bend around corners in the assembly, may need to be pre-formed to this shape, and ultimately are better molded.

Different Silicone/Fluorosilicone Specifications Available

Fluorosilicone Rubber Cord Stock

Specifications: AMS-R-25988, MIL-R-25988, AMS-3330, AMS-3328

Fluorosilicone Sponge Rubber Cord Stock
Specifications: AMS-3323

Silicone Rubber Cord Stock

Specifications: (A-A-59588, ZZR765, MIL-R-5847 Class 1A/1B/2A/2B/3A/3B), AMS-3301, AMS-3302, AMS-3303, AMS-3304

Silicone Sponge Rubber Cord Stock

Specifications: AMS-3195, AMS-3196, MIL-R-46089

For more information on bonding/vulcanizing round, or other shapes into o-ring shapes, please contact sales@nedc.com

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