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At NEDC, watertight seals are a common product we sell. Customers come to us for all sorts of gasketing materials that are good for watertight seals, including silicone rubber, neoprene, and other commonly known gasketing type materials. Separately, customers oftentimes come to us for PORON® by Rogers as well. However, typically PORON® is not a great watertight gasketing material. At compression values of 50% or more, they can start to perform some types of water-sealing tasks. However, with AquaPro™ that changes. 

Properties of PORON®


PORON® AquaPro™ offers great water sealing capabilities at a low compression force. It offers many of the same characteristics that customers like about standard PORON® options. Typical PORON® formulations are open-cell materials- meaning that they are permeable to water. However, AquaPro™ has greater closed-cell content making it a great water sealing material. Similar to other PORONs it features great chemical resistance. As someone who deals with gasketing solutions all day, the ability of the material to seal out water is truly amazing. With little compression available, AquaPro™ does a great job of standing up to water ingress by passing many water sealing tests. As with many Rogers products, there are countless metrics available for what tests have been performed on PORON® including Outgassing, cold flexibility, flame resistance, and more – see datasheets below. 

water sealing data


There are essentially two different types of AquaPro™ available, 4701-41, and 4701-37. 4701-37 is available PET supported, meaning the PORON® is literally born onto the plastic 2 mil PET. They are available in numerous standard thickness options. Typical availability of thickness ranges from .059’’ to .500’’. Each type is available with different densities. The standard color for PORON® is color black. 

4701-41(Soft) Densities: 15, 20, 30 (lb/cuft)

4701-37(Very-Soft) Densities: 14, 19 (lb/cuft)

NEDC commonly die-cuts, water-jet cuts, or laser-cuts PORON® materials. For more information on AquaPro™ PORON®, or for more information on PORON® in general please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet for PORON® AquaPro™ Family 4701-37

Datasheet for PORON® AquaPro™ Family 4701-41

More Data on AquaPro™ Download

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