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aluminum foil tape, 3m 438

At NEDC, we offer all sorts of solutions, gaskets, absorbers, thermal pads, epoxy films.. It goes on, and on. Tape is one of our most prevalent solutions because, after all, we are a 3M converter.

Didn’t we already talk about Aluminum Foil Tapes?

A while ago, we wrote a blog on EMI/RFI Shielding Tapes. In that blog, we strictly discussed aluminum foil tapes that were featured/designed with EMI/RFI Shielding in mind. In this blog, we wanted to highlight the other aluminum foil tapes that may have been designed for other applications. The differences with these aluminum foil tapes:

  1. They don’t have the embossing that creates penetration through the adhesive surface.
  2. They don’t come with an electrically conductive adhesive.

Why Dead Soft Aluminum? 

Most of these aluminum foils are adhesives coated onto a dead soft aluminum foil. The reasoning for this is:

  1. Dead soft is compliant, and can conform to surfaces that the applications require.
  2. Dead soft is more convertible to die cutters such as NEDC. 


-Moisture barriers for HVAC applications

-Heat, and light reflective, protects surfaces 

-Refrigerator, and freezer coil attachment

-Wrapping plastic against heat, and UV exposure 


3M 431 – 2 mil dead soft aluminum foil,  1.2 acrylic adhesive, UL 723 Class L(file R7311)

3M 438 –  5 mil dead soft aluminum foil, 2.2 mil acrylic adhesive Ul 723 Class L (file R7311) – shown in the picture

3M 427- 3 mil dead soft aluminum foil, with a 1.6mil acrylic adhesive  UL 746C, and UL 723(file E122798, and R7311 respectively) 

3M 425 –  2.8 mil aluminum foil, with a 1.8mil acrylic adhesive, UL 746, and UL 723 (file E122798, and R7311 respectively) 

3M 3363- 3 mil dead soft aluminum foil, with a 2 mil acrylic adhesive, UL 723 File R7311

3M 3367- 3 mil high strength aluminum foil, with acrylic adhesive, UL 723 R7311

3M 3369-  1.1 mil dead soft aluminum foil, 1.3 mil acrylic adhesive UL 723 File R7311

3M 97065 – 1.75 mil dead soft aluminum foil, 1.65 mil acrylic adhesive 

As you can see most of these tapes come with the UL 746, or UL 723 rating. 

More Information

NEDC is an authorized 3M converter,  meaning we die-cut, or otherwise convert these tapes. In addition, we have access to these tapes at all times. For more information on aluminum foil tape, or you have an application that could utilize aluminum foil tape, please contact

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