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3m tape, 9482pc

At NEDC, we are a 3M Converter. For that reason, we are constantly dealing with high performance tapes. We thought we’d do a blog on all of the tapes that have the 350 Adhesive Tapes. 

Properties of Adhesive 350 Tapes:

-High Heat Stress (450°F for short periods, with long time frames 300°F)

-Good Chemical Resistance (typical of Adhesive 350) 

-Low Temperature Resistance down to -40°F

-Temperature Cycling Increases Strength with these Adhesives

As is typical with most adhesives that are acrylic based, as time goes on the Adhesive 350 builds up adhesion overtime. 

Adhesive Tapes to Consider that Use Adhesive 350:

9442- (2mil) 55# Densified Kraft- 3.2 mils thick

9445- (5mil)55# Densified Kraft- 3.2 mils thick

9482PC- (2mil)62# Polycoated Kraft- 4.2 mils thick

9485PC- (5mil)62# Polycoated Kraft – 4.2 mils thick 

9485EK- (5mil)78# Extensible Polycoated Kraft- 5.7 mils thick

9675- (5mil)83# Polycoated Kraft lay flat- 6.2 mils thick

Which one is my favorite?

No one asks… but I always like to share with adhesive tape is my favorite when I’m talking about a family of adhesive tapes. 

9482PC is my favorite, 

A. It has the 62# polycoated kraft for our die-cutting process. 

B. the 2mil clean profile sticks very well to many of the surfaces customers ask it to stick to. (during die-cutting as well, the thin profile makes die-cutting a lot easier).

Why all the Different Liners?

We get the question often at NEDC, why are there so many different types of liners when we are talking about gasketing/adhesive tapes. Below are some of the reasons we may use different tapes: 

55# Densified Kraft Liner for rotary die cutting

62# Polycoated Kraft for steel rule die cutting

83# Polycoated Kraft for laying flat applications

78# Extensible Kraft for conformable applications- for high tension applications

More Information on Adhesive 350:

Since NEDC is a 3M Converter, we have access to many of these tapes. NEDC die-cuts/laser-cuts these adhesive tapes out of the rolls that are provided by 3M.  For more information on 3M Adhesive 350 from 3M, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet on 3M 350 Adhesive Tapes

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