LS Foam .125'' thickness, rolled goods

ISOLOSS LS Foam .125” thickness, rolled goods

At NEDC, we manufacture custom gaskets all day. One material we use to cut custom gaskets is polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is very popular for gap filling, gasketing, and shock absorbing applications. ISOLOSS™ is made by a 3M subsidiary E-A-R.

Properties of  ISOLOSS LS Foams by E-A-R AEARO

ISOLOSS™ Polyurethane Foam is made up of fine, small cells. The material is versatile. It features a low compression set, and offers low outgassing. All of the tested data is highlighted in the brochure downloadable below. Some other features of the material include:

-High energy absorption

-Effective Vibration Isolation

-Great chemical resistance

-Flame Resistance, certified to UL HBF at certain thicknesses across materials

-A broad temperature range (40°F to 225°F) 

-High internal strength (ISOLOSS™ features higher tear, and tensile that competitive brands)

-With the exception of LS-10xxLM*, all of the ISOLOSS™ materials are certified to UL-50, UL-508, and UL-514B. 

What is ISOLOSS utilized for? 

ISOLOSS is designed to be a gasketing material that can support the following functions:

-Shock Absorption

-Sealing in NEMA graded boxes

-Mitigating Buzzing, Squeaking, and Rattling is dynamic applications

-Gap Filling for shock

-Sealing/Gasketing in minimum intrusion applications.

Below is a list of materials: 

LS-10xxLM* (10lb density) – LS-15xx (15 lb density)- LS-20xx (20 lb density) – LS25xx (25 lb density)

Nomenclature Part Number Breakdown:

LS=LS Branded Foams

10, 15, 20, 25= 10 (lb/ft3) density, 15 (lb/ft3), 20 (lb/ft3), 25 (lb/ft3) 

XX= Thickness, 06=.062’’, 09=.093’’, .12=.125’’, 25=.250’’, 50=.500’’

More Information:

NEDC utilizes waterjet-cutting, die-cutting and other methods to cut these materials into finished shapes. ISOLOSS™ comes in 4.5’ wide rolls, and has a 5 year shelf life. In addition, if you need adhesive backing on ISOLOSS™, NEDC can provide this material with a 3M acrylic backing such as 3M 9472 or 9485PC adhesive tape. The typical color is a plain black.  For more information on ISOLOSS™ Gasketing or you believe you have an application that could utilize this material please contact

E-A-R ISOLOSS™ LS Foams Brochure (Click here to Download)

*Meets UL-50, UL-508, and UL-5148 standards

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