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3m 467mp rolls

At NEDC, we laminate a ton of different materials. One of the tapes we use most commonly is 3M 467MP Transfer Tape. We laminate it to thin films, and gaskets to help customers in their assembly process. It is one of my favorite adhesive transfer tapes. In this blog, I will outline some reasons why it is one of my favorite transfer tapes. 


3M 467MP is a 3M manufactured transfer tape that is a high-performance acrylic 200MP adhesive coated onto a thick 4.2mil PCK liner. 

Properties of 3M 467MP Transfer Tape/Reasons why I like it

There are a few things I like about 3M 467MP Transfer Tape:

  1. This tape is extremely clean. Compared to other transfer tape options available, this tape once laminated to material has a thick liner that compliments the clean nature of the adhesive. Other transfer tapes can become gooey and difficult to work with because of their thickness and composition. The tape is super clean at only 2mil in thickness.
  2. It is fairly repositionable during initial placement. This is because of its 2mil thickness that holds together well almost like a film itself and it has lower adhesion at initial placements than other transfer tapes.
  3. Its cost structure is fantastic when compared against how versatile the tape is.
  4. It’s widely available. Every converter that is worth their weight knows what it is, and has it on the shelf because it’s so popular across the industry.
  5. It is easy to convert for converters. Since NEDC is an authorized 3M Converter, we have a lot of experience with it. We use laser-cutting, and die-cutting machines to cut the plain tape itself into custom shapes. 
  6. It is a great general purpose tape to cover many bases of most applications – decent solvent resistance, good temperature range, good adhesion, and easy to work with. 

More information is presented below in the datasheet for download such as adhesion values, and temperature values. For more information on this transfer tape or you believe you have an application that could utilize it, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet Download for 3M 467MP

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